Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Pantry (or food storage) is a Necessity!!

How often do you run to the store needing a little of this or that?? (To complete a recipe, comfort a sick child, or clean up a mess.)

How do I have such a small food budget, yet eat delicious food? I keep my pantry and freezer (not to mention my utility closet) stocked with all the items I use in my recipes, spills, sickness, and so on. These items were mostly all bought on SALE!!! (20%-80% off)

I do NOT have a walk-in pantry, nor do I have a large home.....I have a small closet that I have organized to hold A LOT of food.  Sometimes little spaces, that are well thought out, can hold more than you can dream!!
This is my pantry...My husband made these "can rollers" out of some scrap lumber so I can EASILY rotate my food storage and make sure we use the oldest 1st! I really makes putting groceries away a breeze. If you don't have a "handy" husband like mine....there are several options out there. I have seen websites that sell cardboard rotaters....or you could buy a more spendy item at Shelf Reliance Shelves
Having these items on hand means the sky is the limit!!! I can make hundreds of recipes at the drop of a hat---saving time and money!! Not to mention, there is NO running out in the middle of the night for some children's fever reducer!!! Or saltines for someone who has the flu!!

Happy Stretching Pennies....

PS And because many of these items are "pieces of a recipe", my family isn't just snacking on them!

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