Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A family doctor WILL save you money....

A friend of mine gave me a call a couple of weeks ago asking for a doctor’s recommendation.  Upon moving here 2 years ago, they had set up a primary care doctor for their son, but neglected to do so for themselves.  She needed to set up an appointment for herself and found that because she had not established herself with a doctor she could NOT make an appointment in any kind of swift manner.  The soonest “new patient” appointment was 3 weeks away.  Her choices were severely limited.  She could go to Urgent care, the Emergency room or WAIT for the next available “new patient appointment”.  This reminded me of a money saving goal I had when we moved here 10 years ago.  

After unpacking, one of the 1st things on my “To Do list” in my *new* hometown was to find a pediatrician AND a Primary care doctor for ourselves.   Sickness is never something that you plan for!!  Being sick is never convenient!  And it usually feels like it needs to be taken care of quickly….  So I highly recommend taking the time to find a doctor for each member of your family BEFORE you’re sick.  You will avoid a lot of frustration, worry AND medical bills.  Anyone who has seen a bill from the Emergency room OR Urgent care knows it is worth the hassle to establish yourself with a doctor when you are healthy and well!

Happy Stretching Pennies…

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