Saturday, April 27, 2013

Asking for a prescription sample saves you money!

When I was going through my “write about someday” stack of ideas, I was reminded of a medicine savings strategy I used last spring with my son.
My oldest child suffers from seasonal allergies.  It is particularly difficult in the spring.  Last year, even with allergy medication, his nostrils completely swelled shut.  Ultimately, the doctor suggested switching his over-the-counter allergy medicine AND using a prescription strength nasal spray during those particularly bad moments.
I asked if he had a sample for this medication (we had never tried before) and he gladly gave us one.  So far…we haven’t spent a penny on my son’s prescription strength nasal spray for 1 full year because I asked for a sample!!

So…if your doctor prescribes a new medication, particularly if it is an expensive one, make sure to ask for a sample!! 

Happy Pinching Pennies…

P.S.  If the prescription is to treat a chronic condition, still ask for a sample or a 1-3 month supply to try it out.  I have a friend whose husband is suffering from leukemia and they were given a 3 month supply of a VERY expensive medicine he got used to the condition/medication.  They saved literally thousands of dollars by asking for a sample.

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