Wednesday, September 4, 2013

AFTER back-to-school shopping that saves TONS!

The back-so-school frenzy typically ends at the end of August around here.  People are starting to feel settled into their *new* routines…their kid’s sports teams are going strong (or starting)—so people are not focused on buying clothes anymore.

September is the time for overhauling your (and your kids) wardrobe.  It’s the right time to add pieces or trade out items in your closet!!  This strategy is all based on “supply and demand”.  Right now the “demand” for clothes has nosedived (with the exception of school uniform items) and the “supply” in stores is up.  Stores are wanting to transition to their fall/winter merchandise and are slashing prices to accommodate them.  Timing is everything…at the beginning there are styles and sizes to pick from.  If you wait until the end of the month, it will be picked through.

Yesterday, I was at Burlington Coat Factory looking for a particular item and most of the store’s clothing was at 70% off.  Today, I was at Walmart getting my monthly shopping trip done, and I was able to pick up work shirts ($3 polo style) for my husband, several tankini tops ($5 each) for me, a couple styles of swim suits ($5 each) for my daughter, several tank tops ($1.50 each) for my daughter that she uses for “modesty undershirts” and a couple of awesome logo styled t-shirts ($3 each).

Since I didn’t bring my camera with me, I dug up some pictures on the internet that resembled what
I've seen for the past 2 days...

NOW, truly is the time that demand is DOWN and supply is UP.  Rock bottom prices with a lot of selection IF you get your timing right….purchasing clothes for pennies on the dollar!!

Happy Pinching Pennies…

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