Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cheaper replacement of your cell phone...FREE shipping included!

It is amazing how life can get away from me…This month has been CRAZY!  Life sped up after the kids went back to school!!  Yikes!  I became my youngest child’s preschool teacher one day a week, it was my daughter’s birthday, and my child’s baptism to plan, AND of course a baptism to attend with family visiting for the weekend!!   I guess it is no surprise that all I have done is take pictures of the money saving ideas I have done this month, but not written about them yet.  Maybe next month, eh?

So…. Here’s another idea….

If you are one of those people who didn’t opt for the “replacement plan” for your cell phone, chances are at some time you will need to replace your cell phone for one reason or another.  (Such as you went swimming in a lake with it in your pocket, or you dropped it and it broke, or you are just plain sick of the annoying one you have….all reasons WE have replaced our cell phone.)  This can get pricey if you want a “more than basic” phone.  

There are many ways to replace your phone 
  • Once we renewed our contract in order to get a free phone. 
  • Once we went to Wal-Mart and bought a “Go-Phone” and replaced the “Sim card” in the back with OURS (the plan one…instead of the pay per minute one.)
We recently needed a new phone, and started investigating the best price….again.  I have often wondered what happened to the phones people trade in to upgrade.  Well, when visiting AT & T’s website looking for a phone, we found that they sell refurbished phones! 
This is just a few of what they offer....most of them are ONLINE offers ONLY!
One of the models they offered was the same $200 model offered to us when we “renewed” our plan 2 years ago, but being sold for $20.  Any of these refurbished phones would accommodate our “Sim card” (meaning: the chip in the back of the phone that houses our cell phone number, our address book and calling plan).  Basically, it was like getting a new NICE phone for very little.  The phone number, calling plan, and everything else stayed the same….The best part?  FREE shipping too!
Please note...we also were purchasing a GoPhone refill card...the actual phone only cost $19.99!
How we found it:  We have our cell service through AT & T....I clicked on their website, then wireless, then wireless phones, then buy refurbished phones, then clicked on GO-Phones....so then there would only be an upfront cost of the phone...NOT buying/renewing a cell phone plan.
So…if you are in the market for a new cell phone, visit your provider’s website and check out the refurbished phones before purchasing one in the store.  You won’ t have to wait more than a couple of days and your budget doesn’t have to be shot on a replacement phone….you’ll be glad you never added that expensive “replacement plan” in the first place!

Happy Stretching Pennies...

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  1. Also another great way to save with cell phones is Straight Talk or the new Walmart cell phone plan. I have my plan for 45 a month and its unlimated everything, my husband just gets the 30 dollar plan because he doesnt gab as much as I do. So we only pay 75 bucks a month. Which now and days is great because most plans charge you extra for EVERYHING texting, web, blah blah blah. Anyway we love them and we have gotten service everywhere! :)