Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garage Sales are a TOOL!

Garage sale hunting can be a great way to find a great deal. BUT it can also be a way to accumulate junk and spend money unnecessarily.

I don’t go to garage sales all the time. I don’t even go regularly. I believe garage sales are a TOOL to save. I wait until I have small list of about 8+ things that I have in mind that I am looking for. Spring & summer are great times to pick up those random items you’ve been wanting, but not willing to buy at full or discounted prices. When I have that mental list I that I sometimes even write down) I will go out. I will go out on a Saturday after sleeping in, a leisurely breakfast and try 4-8 garage sales. I don’t go out for a long period of time and I have a rule to only buy USEFUL things (as defined by our lifestyle and home).

Today, I brought ALL of my children for the 1st time and it went surprisingly well. (Ike was backpacking with the scouts.) Since I’ve started preparing food in the freezer—I’ve really been wanting a new cookie sheet and muffin pan—so I could prepare more in bulk, but couldn’t justify paying full or discount prices just for an extra pan. I got my wish 50 cents total! I also found an inner frame backpacking pack. It was dirty, but in great shape. We’ve wanted to add that as a family activity and Cole will be an 11 years old scout next year. I got it for $10.
Wow. $10.50 We probably hit 8 garage sales—but it was worth it!

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