Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dishes.....the eternal ENEMY!!

I don’t know about you--but I HATE doing dishes!! They never end…they make my kitchen seem constantly messy…and they occupy an insane amount of my time!

My children have a tendency to get a *new* glass each time they need a drink--especially during the summer. I want to encourage my children to drink LOTS of water--so during the summer we have color coded extremely LARGE cups.
Orange=my oldest, Green=my husband, Purple=me, Pink= my middle child, Blue= my youngest
 They are to use ONLY this one cup throughout the day. They are in charge of rinsing their cup out after anything but water. This way I am saving time AND stretching my resources.

HOWEVER, it is summer. That means friends come over to play--a lot. They can go through as many cups as my children can! Well, I learned a great lesson from my wonderful mother-in-law about what to do. (She has 35 grandchildren with their sets of parents…just imagine how many cups SHE could go through when people are over visiting!  Each person is given a cup & then we write their name on it.) So, for those whose friends who need a cup…

The “Recipe”:
1. Pull out a cup
2. Write their name on some masking tape
3. Place it on their “assigned” cup while visiting!
Happy Stretching pennies!

P.S. FYI…Since writing this, I have officially decided I need to find some small-medium color coded cups for the school year because I washed WAY too many cups this past school year!!

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