Saturday, June 18, 2011

A new product in my bathroom....

I was in Sally’s Beauty supply store the other day, picking up an “apron” for cutting my boy’s hair. (We have always made them stand in the bathroom for easy clean up…and they have always HATED the little tiny hair pieces on them. The removable handheld shower head has always been a saving grace for them when the haircut is done. It has been more difficult as of late because my oldest wants it longer on the top. We decided it was time to have them sit on the chair with an apron. ) ANYWAY… I decided to browse to see what mass beauty supplies they have. They have always resembled a foreign language to me….PLUS, I am always looking to see what is on sale.

What a new idea!!! A NEW PRODUCT…
I found a GALLON of shampoo on sale for $3.49 (regularly priced at $9.99)!! But it got even better when I read the small print: “concentrate”.
In other words, I thought I could maybe dilute it OR just use a peas sized bit to wash my hair. That gallon of shampoo could stretch so far!! I bought 2 and decided to give it a shot.

I tried diluting it and putting it into an old soap dispenser bottle for convenience. Quite frankly, it didn’t work. It was too watery. The reused hand soap bottle was working great! So, I am using that pea sized bit of concentrate to wash my hair, which IS working. It is a far cry better from the Suave I had been using AND cheaper. (I know. I know. Suave isn’t good for your hair—but it was what we could afford.) And now I just found a cheaper and better for my hair way to wash it!

Now when my children use 4 times the needed amount to wash their hair I won’t start twitching about the hard earned money going down the drain!!

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  1. WOW!! So checking this out!! I am sick of spending money to wash it down the drain! My kids sometimes get ahold of the shampoo and I find it halfway gone into the tub!! Thanks for the idea!