Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Hotel feeling in your bathroom...for less!

For years I had purchased those cheap vinyl shower liners for the inside of my showers.  I really despise how they can start to get that "orange-ish" look they get on the bottom that SHOUTS "I need to be replaced!"

During the summer months, to stretch pennies,  I used to lay them on the grass, spray them off with the hose and scrub them with a little bit of Dawn dish soap.

Last year, when visiting my friend Becca, I learned a *new* trick.  We have traveled to stay with their family for a few days.  I noticed in her shower she had a CLOTH shower curtain....and it felt more like a hotel.  When I returned how, I decided when it was time to replace my vinyl shower liner I would do it with a cloth one.
It has now been an entire year since I've purchased a shower curtain. It still looks just like NEW!
Secrets to a beautiful CLOTH shower curtain that will last YEARS!
1. Buy a WHITE one
2. Wash it once a month...(I wash it at the beginning of each month.)
3. About every 3 months SOAK the bottom half in a Clorox/water mix for a couple of hours before washing it!

Happy Stretching Pennies.....

P.S.  If are not happy with your curtain's water resistance, try using some waterproof spray found in the camping section at Wal-mart or a specialty store.  It is ridiculously easy to use.  It is a spray can (use it the same way as spray paint) and your shower curtain can be waterproofed in minutes!

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