Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cutting down on your electric kilowatt at a time!

Using nature can sometimes make things cheaper!  Back in the "old days", before dishwashers, the dishes went into a drainer after being washed—where they could be hand dried with a towel OR left to air dry. 

That same concept can be done today with your dishwasher!  The convenience of the dishwasher is almost too good to pass up…but the extra electric usage to DRY the dishes doesn’t have to be used!  When your dishwasher gets to the “dry” cycle, just open up the dishwasher and let them air dry. 
 You’ll be surprised how fast those hot dishes dry in the plain old air—saving you money on your utilities!  Just make sure to shut the system OFF before you close the door, or the dishwasher will start drying again even though your dishes have already been air dried!  (If you have small children, who will not leave the open dishwasher alone, consider doing this “trick” while they are down for a nap OR when in bed.)
Happy Stretching Pennies…
TOO BUSY for that?????  If you aren’t around to pay attention for the “dry time”, consider using the “cool dry” option on your dishwasher where the heater on the bottom doesn’t turn on….though I think it is harder to “air dry” in an area that has no air circulation.  I have used this option many times.  It does work, but have a towel handy when  you put dishes away for those dishes that it doesn’t completely dry!  OR remember that you don't have to put away the dishes as soon as you open the door....consider letting them FINISH drying when you come home.

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