Friday, July 15, 2011

FREE entertainment for the whole family at your local library!

What better way to get your children to WANT to read than *PRIZES*!!!  Yet, the word *prize* can sound financially intimidating.  However, most libraries offer a summer reading program for children--FREE of charge.
With these programs come FREE prizes for your children.  Each library is different—but ours has a 4 & under program, 5-12 program, and teen program.  Since my children are not “teens” yet, I am more familiar with the under 12 programs.  There are intermediate prizes as you work toward the GRAND prize, along with weekly raffle tickets.  At the end of our program, my children earn a FREE book bag and personal pan pizza from Round Table.  The teen program is based more on pages read—but the prizes are NOT trinkets from Oriental Trading Company—but places they want (movie tickets, CDs, DVDs, Restaurants, etc.)
For adults & families: libraries offer a wide variety of*special things* for the summer.  Our library has never decided on any annual event.  I have seen them have magic shows, comedians, concerts and movie showings—complete with snacks all for FREE!

Your library can be a GREAT source for FREE entertainment!
Happy Stretching Pennies!

P.S. Don’t forget to think of your local library as your local “Redbox” for FREE and longer checkout times!

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