Saturday, July 23, 2011

Garden: Increasing your harvest without planting more plants...

Gardening can be a great way to save money!! 

I have a love/hate relationship with gardening where I live.  Our soil is awful and the neighborhood is filled with bugs, so it doesn’t matter how much I spray MY yard….they come back really fast.  However, in our new house (as of the last 2 years) we have had a lot more success gardening than in the previous.  One reason is we have NO huge trees, with massive root systems, invading our dirt.  The other is this product I want to tell you about.
I can’t name one person that wouldn’t like to get more off of just one single plant!!  The first year we tried growing tomatoes here, we had minimal success.  The plant thrived, but I was unhappy with harvest.  After that season was over, I went into the local nursery to ask some questions.  They suggested a “Blossom Set”.   
It is an organic hormone that stimulates the plant to make MORE flowers….therefore more harvest. Last year was my first year using it on our only 2 tomato plants. By mid-summer, our tomato plants resembled a FULL BUSH instead of a plant.
This is SIDVIEW picture of our "bush" last year before the tomatoes ripened....
(I never took a picture of it intending to show its size. I was just in the background of a random picture.)
We harvested SO many tomatoes, especially considering it was only 2 plants.  I became an instant fan!  I didn’t do anything different last year than the year before.  At the specialty “nursery” it was $6.99…which made me croak because I was just “trying” it…but after one full summer of using it and still having a lot left for MORE seasons, I have decided that the product is worth buying.
THIS year, we were on vacation for family reunions during the time that jump started my plants.  When I returned home 2 weeks ago, I started up again.  Spraying once a week, it is has only been 2 ½ weeks, but I can see an increase in flowers on my tomato plants.  In other words, I think it isn’t too late for you to start spraying YOUR plants either.

Easy Instructions:  Spritz flowers weekly.

Happy Stretching pennies….and getting more harvest off your plants!

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