Friday, July 15, 2011

The PERSONAL Benefits of giving blood.... (ie. FREE stuff)

I am kind-of a squeamish girl, the idea of needles just makes me go weak in the knees—so this idea is done by my husband.  My husband LOVES to donate blood.  It HIS way of doing community service.   I recommend this idea only to those with tougher skin than mine!!

There are many times you hear over the radio about a blood drive…and the benefits.  The United Blood Services offers several “benefits” to volunteering to share some of your blood with those in need.  (For those of you who don’t know my youngest son needed a blood transfusion 3 ½ years ago.  Coming from a more personal moment in our family, I can’t tell you how much it meant.  I was so grateful that someone had taken the time to donate blood that my son could get the health procedure WHEN he needed it.  So for all those anonymous donors out there from the bottom of my heart—THANK YOU!)  
The personal  benefits to you (besides knowing you helped someone else). 
  • They check your cholesterol for you (FREE of charge) and you get the results.
  • You get food and juice after you donate….and they WANT you to eat. There has been many times my husband comes home FULL of food.  ie. pizza, fried chicken, ice cream and potato salad and numerous other kinds of food. They have LOTS of snack type things and juice galore to help you recover after your donation.
  • You earn points for each time you donate, AND make & keep an appointment.
  • The type of blood donation you choose has a different point allowance.

What are things that you can EARN for FREE by donating?
  • Movie tickets
  • CD's
  • DVD's
So this last week, my husband cashed in a fair amount of his "points". My youngest is a BIG fan of “CARS”the movie. We do NOT have a dollar theater anywhere nearby, so going to the movies is a HUGE deal. Our whole family made the trip to the $$$$ theater with nice seats to see CARS 2. What a thrill. They have been talking of doing this for months, as they waited for the movie to make it to the theaters!

Yes.I am bad.We snuck candy in.Even better was using the “theater candy” I bought on clearance from Target this last spring (after Easter) for .09 a box (that means our treats cost us less than 30 cents!)

Happy Pinching Pennies.....AND helping others!

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