Monday, July 25, 2011

FREE University Summer Entertainment for ALL...even if you are not a student!

If you live anywhere near a University, check out what they have to offer during the summer!  (Or if you are traveling near a University make sure to either contact or call them about their summer events!)  Many events are FREE of charge.
On occasion we will travel the 30-40 minutes to the university near us where they have a weekly event called: "Summer Concerts on the Quad".  It's every Wednesday night--free to the public. We bring a picnic dinner and enjoy the sights, sounds and activities for FREE! They provide the band (that changes every week), FREE watermelon, FREE face painting, FREE popcorn & cookies, and FREE bounce house.  
This idea doesn't have be limited to being in your "local" area...consider contacting the university you will be vacationing near and see what kinds of "events" they have going on for the summer.  This summer we were in Cedar City, Utah (Southern Utah University) where they are famous for their Shakespearean Festival. 
They have one show they preform nightly for FREE.  This year's play was themed around Italy...all while in their traditional Shakespearean garb. 
There were peddlers who were selling tarts and other tidbits.  My children enjoyed the humor, singing and dancing.  (Ok.  My oldest didn't really like the dancing part....just all the other parts.)  It was really nice to be able to expose them to different kinds of cultural art.

Happy Stretching Pennies....

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