Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cheaper and Tastier Jam...try making "Freezer Jam" in 30-45 minutes!

I don't know anyone who doesn't love the taste of FRESH berry jam on a slice of bread.  Filling your pantry with jam had always sounded like a daunting and time consuming task to me....so when I watched a friend (a year ago) make some jam for her freezer, I was blown away!  I thought, "No excuses now... !"
  • NO Cooking
  • NO standing in the kitchen for hours on end...
  • Enjoying the "fresh fruit" taste all year round...
How easy is it?  Wash the berries.  Throw them in the blender and blend slightly.  Measure berries out on top of sugar & pectin.  Stir for 3 minutes.  Pour into containers.  Let them sit on the countertop for 30 minutes (to set...or "gel".).  Label and put them into your freezer!

I have been making freezer jam for over a year. Whenever I see strawberries on a great sale, such as $1/lb. or $1.25/lb. I buy a bunch and make freezer jam. I bought some little plastic cups by "Ball" with lids that screw on and store it in there.
It is the perfect size to pull out and eat before it would go bad. I have also gone to U-Pick farms to pick my own berries as a family, which is more flavorful and cheaper. (There is a U-pick place nearby that sells their raspberries for $2/lb.)
Ultimately, the "freezer pectin" costs about $2.40 at Wal-mart, found near the sugar.  There are 2 packages per box. 

So my cost for 6-7 jars of strawberry jam:
  • Purchased strawberries on sale for $1 lb. (you need approx. 3 lb.) = $3
  • 1 ½ c.sugar = .25 cents
  • Freezer pectin $2.40 divided by 2= $1.20
  • Total Cost for 6-7 Jars of Jam = $4.45 
(The last time I checked Smuckers Strawberry Jam was over $3 for one bottle!!)
Enjoy all that FRESH berry taste ALL year long!
Happy eating more flavorful jam...all while saving money too!

P.S. IF you are still hestitant to try making your own...here's a video from one of my favorite food blogs showing you just HOW easy it truly is: VIDEO showing HOW to make Freezer Jam

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