Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 cents to change a Wall Decoration!

I LOVE to read…and I have a tendency to read everything I see.  I am motivated by unique or inspiring quotes, so I am always on the lookout for a new one to catch my eye. 

I love seeing cute “quotes” displaying personality and beliefs in my home and others.  However, in my home, I tend to get bored after reading the same one over and over for months at a time…it seems it loses its ability to motivate me to action after months of display.  It can be quite costly to change a cute wall hanging frequently!!  Because I want to change “quotes” frequently, but lack the space (to store them) and lack the desire to spend money to do so—I deigned the perfect frame “system” for me.
Recipe for Frame of Quotes:
1.       Find a nice frame with a matte inside.
2.       Find several quotes that inspire you .
3.       Go to a craft store and select several pages cute scrapbook paper. (Approximately 10 cents-20 cents a sheet.)
4.       Have fun playing with different fonts on your computer with your favorite quotes.  Print it out!!
5.       Cut out your paper ½ bigger than the opening and place picture corners on (sticky side toward the matte).
Stick it to the inside of the matte. Put the back side of the frame back on and turn it over….
Walla…a professional looking wall hanging!
6.     Store all your "extra" quotes behind for easy storage!!
7.       Change them out as often as you like!

TIP: Design the size of the paper about ½ inch BIGGER than the opening….but only write in the actual opening size.  Example: If the opening size is a 5 x7 make the paper 5 ½ x 7 ½ …but only have the writing on 4 ½ x6 ½ and it will look AWESOME!

Happy Stretching Pennies…

FYI: I have used Microsoft Publisher to accomplish this….but any other word type program will do.

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