Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cheaper Party Platters…but NOT time consuming!

I have been planning a back-to-school picnic event for the Children’s Heart Foundation for the past year.  As I have been preparing, I did some research on how much it costs for a “party platter” for fixin’s for sandwiches.  I just about gagged!  They are so pricy!

So, I decided I couldn’t stomach the price and made my own.  When I 1st suggested that we make them ourselves, my husband gulped and commented that sometimes it is just worth it to pay extra for the convenience.  I disagreed.  Cheese was on a good sale, $5.99 for 2 pounds.  I arranged to go shopping, without my children, in the middle of the day when the deli is NOT busy.   I picked up the block of cheese from the isle and brought it to the deli and asked them to slice it for me. 
I finished up my shopping and when I came back, the cheese was sliced and ready.  All I needed to do was bring it home and place it on a plastic platter I bought at the dollar store! 
I picked up some sliced deli meat on the isle, brought it home and placed it on the platter….and whalla… A Party platter for less than HALF the cost!  With very LITTLE inconvenience to me!

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