Saturday, August 6, 2011

Medical Bill Discounts

At some point or another, a MAJOR medical bill may impact your life.  It could be a surgery, a birth, a chronic illness or condition, or a big “surprise”.  No matter the circumstance, the financial impacts are NOT  “nice” to any budget!

IF you have the ability to pay any of these bills in full—make sure to ask for a discount!!  Possibly saving you hundreds of dollars!!!  My question to the billing department sounds something like this: “If I paid this bill in full, do you offer a discount?”  In all honesty, the doctor just wants to be paid and the less they have to hound you or track your bill the better it is for them!  Often, in “major” circumstances, (as opposed to routine visits), they will offer you a 20% discount!  (In each of these examples in my life, the arrangements were made prior to the procedure.)
This is an example of some paperwork before a procedure...although it not always presented in this way.  A verbal inquiry can produce the SAME results!!
Examples from our life:
  • All 3 of my children’s births were at a 20% discount
  • 3 of our surgeries were at a 20% discount
  • Some “procedures” such as an MRI was at a 20% discount
IF you do NOT have the ability to pay in full—MAKE SURE YOU ASK IF THEY HAVE A "FINANICAL HARDSHIP DISCOUNT"!  Remember your doctor wants to be paid.  So if you pay your "designated part," the doctor may consider your remaining balance as a “tax-write-off” for himself/herself!  Yes.  We have been the beneficiaries of this before.  Do NOT be afraid to ask!!!  What’s the worst they could say?  Answer: “No".  Either way the bill will either stay the same OR will decrease significantly!!

Happy Stretching those pennies...


  1. Great advice. Even after the surgery or procedure, you can often negotiate to pay off an outstanding bill at a reduced amount. If you write a check, make sure you write paid in full in the memo line and also on the back of the check so that when it is endorsed they are also agreeing that it is paid in full.

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